Pure Apple Juice

We make our pure apple juice from only the finest ripe apples which are then pressed at the farm in small batches, to retain their “just picked” freshness.

The result is a delightfully sweet apple juice with a crisp, fresh bite. It makes a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Pure Apple Juice with Bramble

We have added bramble* juice to our apple juice to create this delicious fruit drink. The brambles add a delightful dark fruit softness to the crisp apple juice, making for the perfect combination. Served chilled for breakfast, it is an excellent, healthy start to the day.

*Scottish for blackberry.

Pure Apple Juice with Raspberry

We understand soft fruit in the Kingdom of Fife, where the world’s best raspberries grow. We have added sufficient raspberry juice to our pure apple juice to create the perfect blend.

Sweet, crisp and fruity it is delicious chilled or poured over ice. Try crushing a fresh leaf of mint between your fingers to add to your drink. The perfect sun downer.

Pure Apple Juice with Elderflower

We have added a little elderflower infusion to our fresh apple juice to create our version of this classic British summer drink.

The crispness of the fresh apple juice is the perfect match for the delightfully sweet, floral notes of the elderflower. Deliciously refreshing.

Pure Pear Juice with Apple

We have created this unique blend of deliciously ripe, Sussex pear juice and Sussex apple juice. The fruit has been pressed at the farm, pasteurised to retain the freshness and bottled.

We carried out only a light filtration, there by retaining all the delicious fresh fruit flavour. Best enjoyed while relaxing in a deck chair, listening to Radio 4’s Test Match Special, bathed in late summer sun.

Apple Juice with Mango

Our Apple and Mango Juice is made from the finest apple farm pressed and mixed with the juice of the ripest of mangos. We bottle it unfiltered so that we retain all the delicious fruit flavour and we do not need to add any sugar as the juice is already deliciously sweet.

Chill and enjoy poured over ice.

Apple Juice with Beetroot

We use the finest Sussex grown apples, pressed and mixed with Lincolnshire beetroot to create this genuine “Super Drink” . Aside from being delicious, beetroot juice is well known for giving the drinker plenty of energy and Sir Bradley Wiggins was know to have drunk plenty during training. We can’t guarantee that it will power you to an Olympic Gold but it will get you off to a tasty start.

Chill and enjoy poured over ice.