Elderflower Pressé

Our Elderflower Pressé is made from a delicious infusion of English Elderflowers which we have cut with sparkling spring water. We do not add any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. It makes a delicious aperitif and is an excellent alternative to Champagne. Chill and pour over a couple of fresh raspberries, in a Champagne flute.

Elderflower Pressé moment:

Time: 12 noon, mid June.
Venue: A marquee while wearing your finest garden party clothes.
Company: Your best friends and family.

Blackcurrant Pressé

We have sourced the very best quality British Blackcurrants which we have added to sparkling spring water to create this deliciously refreshing Pressé. We do not add any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. The perfect summer drink. Make sure that you chill it and pour it over ice. Try it with a some crushed borage leaves.

Blackcurrant Pressé moment:

Time: 3pm on a sunny Saturday in mid July.
Venue: Your back garden in a deck chair.
Company: The Archers omnibus on iPlayer.

Natural Ginger Beer

Our new Natural Ginger Beer has a lovely spicy, gingery tang and a soft fruity flavour. It is delicious pored over ice with a splash of lime cordial. Made with no artificial additives or preservatives of course.

Ginger Beer Moment:

Time: 6:30pm Saturday night.
Venue: The Pub
Company: Your Friends (who are all drinking and you are designated driver. You can still enjoy yourself)

Raspberry Lemonade

Deliciously fresh lemonade made with a spoonful of real raspberries. Chill, pour over ice and add a crushed mint leaf for a refreshing afternoon cooler.

Raspberry Lemonade Moment:

Time: 6:00pm Saturday Night
Venue: Your Kitchen
Company: Your best friends at your significant birthday party.